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Cheshire Regiment Colour
1st Battalion War Diary - November 1914

Copyright: G E Conway, 2007
Details of Entry
1st November
Battalion in reserve 1 miles SOUTH of DRANOUTRE.

2nd November
Battalion in reserve 1 miles SOUTH of DRANOUTRE.

3rd November
Battalion in reserve 1 miles SOUTH of DRANOUTRE.

4th November
Battalion in reserve 1 miles SOUTH of DRANOUTRE.

Captain J A Busfield, Cheshire Regt., took over command of Battalion.  Lt. T L Frost took over duties of Adjutant.  Capt. G P Pollock-Hodsoll, 3/Sufflolk Regt attached for duty

5th November
7.15 a.m. Battalion marched to YPRES and took up position about 4 miles E S E holding 350 yards of trenches (relieving 2nd Bedfordshire Regt). These trenches were just South of the 6th Kilometre stone on the MENIN ROAD.

6th November
Battalion in trenches heavy artillery fire & some rifle fire.

7th November
Battalion in trenches. Very heavy shell fire in the morning, enemy's infantry attacked at 2.30 p.m.  'C' Company went to reinforce regiment on our left. Enemy repulsed, 25 captured.

Captain Pollock-Hodsoll & 2/Lieut. G R L Anderson killed. N.CO.s & men 4 killed, 22 wounded, 8 missing.

8th November
Battalion in trenches. Shelling commenced later owing to morning mist. No infantry attack.

2 men wounded by our shells falling short.
2/Lieut Hands joined on promotion from Sergeant 1/East Surrey Regt.

9th November
Battalion in trenches - shelling light. Night attack expected so a good deal of rifle fire at night.

10th November
Battalion in trenches. Enemy shelled heavily in the morning. A certain amount of night firing.

11th November
Battalion in trenches. Heavy shell fire in morning & evening. Enemy appeared to massing in a wood S of our position but our shells scattered them & they were easily repulsed by our rifle fire, with heavy casualties to them.

12th November
Battalion in trenches. Enemy kept up shell fire most of the day otherwise quiet.

2/Lieut Skeates          }    transferred to
2/Lieut Dampier         }    1/Bedfordshire Regt.

13th November
Battalion in trenches. Heavy shell fire on our trenches and also on supports in dugouts. Small infantry attack easily repulsed.

14th November
Battalion in trenches. To conform with the Division on our right, an order was given to retire from the advance line of trenches & take up another line about 150 yds in rear, this was commenced at midday and completed by 4 p.m. when the final line was held. The enemy were pressing on all the time & consequently our casualties were rather heavy.

2/Lieut H R Stables, 5/Royal Fusiliers, killed. 2/Lieut E G Carr wounded & 30 N.C.O.s and men killed, wounded & missing. Two German patrols of 15 & 7 men were shot down just outside our trenches.

15th November
Battalion in trenches. A quiet day. Some shelling & sniping. Enemy digging into new position.

16th November
Battalion in trenches. Our guns kept up heavy shell fire some sniping.

17th November
Battalion in trenches, started with exceptionally heavy shell fire followed by an infantry attack which however was easily repulsed.

18th November
Battalion in trenches. Heavy shell fie no infantry attack. Heavy rain.

19th November
Battalion in trenches. A little shell fire & sniping. Started to snow and freeze.

Relieved by the Worcester Regiment at 8 p.m. & went into reserve dugouts.

20th November
Battalion in reserve dugouts. Some shelling.

Total casualties since going into trenches, killed 35, wounded 99, Missing ___

21st November
1.0 a.m.   Battalion marched & arrived at billets near LOCRE at 7 a.m. roads bad for transport owing to hard frost.

22nd November
Battalion in billets. Wet & frost caused much rheumatism & a certain amount of frost bite which caused bad marching among many.

23rd November
Battalion in billets

24th November
11.45 a.m. Battalion marched to BAILLEUL, billeted there to act as Corps troops

25th November
Battalion in billets:- Refitting & inspecting (Attached 2nd Army Corps Troops)

26th November
Battalion in billets: - Refitting & inspecting. Furnished a guard for H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.

27th November
Battalion in billets: - Inspected & congratulated on their work by Field Marshall Sir John French, Commander-in-Chief.

28th November
Battalion in billets: - Inspected & congratulated on their work by General Sir H. Smith-Dorrien, Commanding 2nd Army Corps.

29th November
Battalion in billets: - Church parade.

The following Officers arrived today:
Capt H S Hodgkin, 1/Cheshire Regt, & took over command.
Capt. A E Harry, 3/Cheshire Regt.

30th November
Battalion in billets. Parades, drill & Musketry instruction.

1/Cheshire Regt.

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In August 1914 the 1st Bn. was in Londonderry, Ireland. At the outbreak of War it became part of 15th Brigade, 5th Division.  The War Diary was begun on the day War was declared, 4th August 1914, and is transposed below as written at the time by the C.O.

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