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1st Battalion War Diary - October 1914

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Details of Entry
1st October
                ST MARGUERITE
11.0 p.m. Remained in Billets. Company Parades, etc

2nd October
Arrived in Jury at 1 a.m. having crossed by Pontoon Bridge and went into original billets.

7.0 p.m.   Left for DROIZY where we went into Billets.

3rd October
6.15 p.m. Marched to LONGPONT. Billeted at LA GRILLE Farm

4th October
7.15 p.m. Marched via COURCY to PONTDRUN

5th October
Remained in Billets. Major C B Vandeleur, 1st Battn. The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) joined the Battalion and assumed Command

6th October
2.40 p.m. Marched at 2.40 p.m. & reached billets in VERBERIE at 11 p.m.

7th October
5.30 a.m. Marched at 5.30 a.m. Reached PONT ST. MEXENCEAT 8.0 a.m. Commenced training with Hdqrs. Of Bde. & Hdqrs. No. 4. train at 9.0 a.m. and completed 10.30 a.m.

Train left at 12.40 p.m. and arrived ABBEVILLE about 8.30 p.m. Commenced to detrain at 10.30 completed 12.45 a.m. and marched to billets in NEUILLY-L'HOSPITAL arriving about 3.30 a.m.

8th October
6.30 p.m. Marched to BOUFFLERS and billeted about midnight.

9th October
4.40 p.m. Marched to HARAVESNES and billeted about 8 p.m.

10th October
2.0 p.m.   Embussed at FILLIEVRES and proceeded at LA THIEULOYE to billet at 6.0 p.m. Light entrenching tools completed to 48 per Coy.

11th October
7.5           Marched to BETHUNE and went into billets about 8 p.m.  1 horse (absolutely necessary) requisitioned for 1200 francs at OURTON

12th October
7.30 A.m. Advanced guard as far as FESTUBERT where took up a position 3 Coys. in firing line, one in support. Battalion on outpost duty at night. Captain Butterworth missing, 1 N.C.O. 5 men wounded.

13th October
4.45 a.m. 'A' Coy made dawn attack on RUE D'OUVERT without success, casualties Major Vandeleur, 2nd Scottish Rifles, Major Young, Captain Harbord, D.S.O., Lieut. Harrington, 2nd Lieut Thomas, 55 N.C.O.s & men missing, 8 N.C.O.s & men wounded.

Took up position with remainder of Battalion on the FESTUBERT - LAQUINQUE Road and entrenched. Battalion on outpost duty at night - captured 2 Uhlans.
CAPTAIN SHORE took over command of the Battalion.

14th October
Remained in same position - 2 men wounded - Battalion on outpost duty at night - Enemy's night attack repulsed.

15th October
Remained in same position - Enemy shelled position, especially machine guns, and 'B' Company's trenches - 12 N.C.O.s & men wounded.

16th October
3.0 p.m.   Battalion advanced in direction o RUE D'OUVERT, found village unoccupied. At 8 p.m. advanced to RUE DU MARAIS. 'A' Company advanced along VIOLAINES ROAD & came into touch with enemy patrol. Enemy opened fire which was returned.

CAPTAIN MAHONY took over command of Battalion and brought up 2/Lieuts Napier, May, Woodhead, Carr, Anderson and 248 reinforcements.

17th October
12.30 a.m. 'A' Company returned to billets in RUE DU MARAIS 12.30 a.m.  3 platoons of 'C' Company under Captain Lloyd advanced along LORGIES ROAD to obtain touch with D.C.L.I. 400 yds down road met strong German Patrol. Enemy opened fire which was returned. Captain Lloyd with his men turned German patrol out of their trenches.

1.30 a.m. One Company ('A' Company) sent out in support to 'C' Company but could not obtain communication with them. Captain Lloyd (wounded) with 3 wounded men returned about 6 a.m. made an attack with D.C.L.I. in direction of VOILAINES twice, but were repulsed on each occasion. Held RUE DY MARAIS for remainder of the day.

Casualties: Captain Lloyd wounded, 2/LIEUT NAPIER missing, 1 man killed and 3 men wounded.

6.15 p.m. Occupied VOILAINES and entrenched NORTH and EAST and SOUTH EAST.

18th October
Held VOILAINES with D.C.L.I. on left and NORFOLKS on right were heavily shelled. 1man killed, 17 wounded. 2/Lieut NAPIER rejoined. Battalion on outposts

19th October
10.0 a.m. Attempted to occupy LA BASSEE, and came under heavy fire of each arm. Finally entrenched 450 yds in front of former positions.

Casualties: 2/Lieut. Andrews, 2/Lieut. Sidebotham, 2/Lieut Napier wounded, 9 men killed, 20 wounded. Battalion on outposts.

20th October
Held VOILAINES, artillery shelled LA BASSEE. Battalion on outposts.

2/Lieut MAY, 2/Lieut ADDISON wounded, 3 men killed, 24 men wounded.  3 p.m. German attack repulsed. Battalion on outposts.

21st October
9.30 a.m. Again attacked LA BASSEE without success. Came under heavy shell fire. 1 machine gun out of action. Battalion on outposts.

Casualties: CAPTAIN MAHONY wounded, 3 men killed, 6 wounded. Battalion on outposts. 'B' Company went into billets.

Captain Shore took over command of the Battalion.

22nd October
5.10 a.m. Enemy made heavy attack, and took the trenches at the point of the bayonet. Battalion retired to RUE DU MARAIS under very heavy fire. Manchesters came up in support.

8.0 p.m. Battalion withdrawn and went in bivouac at last E of RUE DE BETHUNE.
Casualties: Captains Shore, Rich, Hartford, 2/Lieuts Atkinson, Leicester, Greenhalgh missing, Captain Forster, 18 N.C.O.s & men wounded, 200 N.C.O.s & men missing including Sergeant Major.

CAPTAIN MAHONY died in hospital. Lieut. T L Frost took over command of the Battalion.

23rd October
                RUE DE BETHUNE
Battalion went into billets about 3 p.m.  Battalion went into reserve at 5 p.m. in second E of BETHUNE

24th October
Returned to billets at dawn. Came into reserve to Brigade at second E of Bethune at 6 p.m.

25th October
Returned to billets at dawn. At 5.30 p.m. went into reserve to the Brigade returned to billets about 12.30 a.m.

CAPTAIN WOODS, Munster Fusiliers, took over command of Battalion.

26th October
Battalion on working parties digging trenches at RUE DE BETHUNE.

27th October
                LE TOURET
Battalion went into billets at LE TOURET. 'B' & 'C' Companies working parties digging trenches at RUE DE BETHUNE. At 7 p.m. Battalion marched to RICHEBOURG ST VAAST, from thence to ST VAAST.

28th October
                NEUVE CHAPELLE
5.0 a.m.   Battalion in support to attack on NEUVE CHAPELLE, came into firing line at 3 p.m. Entrenches on East side of ESTAIRES - NEUVE CHAPELLE road at PONT LOGY. Battalion on outposts with 'B' Company in reserve.

Casualties: 2/Lieut. Woodhead wounded, 1 Sgt, 1 Private killed, 4 wounded, 5 missing. Enemy opened fire, which was returned about 9 p.m.

29th October
Battalion in trenches, sniping and artillery fire. Battalion on outposts.
Casualties: 4 wounded, 5 missing.

30th October
                NEUVE CHAPELLE - LE TOURET
1.30 a.m. Relieved by Seaforths & Jats. Marched back to billets in LE TOURET.
3.0 p.m.   Battalion marched to CALONNE & billeted for night
Lieut. T L Frost took over command of Battalion.

31st October
Battalion marched to BORRE & billeted at 8 p.m.
Lieut. & Qr. Mr. J C Sproule took over duties of A/Adjt. 31.10.14

Lieut.  O.C. 1st Cheshire Regt.

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In August 1914 the 1st Bn. was in Londonderry, Ireland. At the outbreak of War it became part of 15th Brigade, 5th Division.  The War Diary was begun on the day War was declared, 4th August 1914, and is transposed below as written at the time by the C.O.

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