Battalion Casualties

In this section the names of all the Officers, N.C.O.s and men of the original 1st Battalion, plus some who joined the Battalion as replacements and reinforcements during 1914, who gave their lives in the Great War, are listed.

The pages of this section are divided into a chronological list of the casualties of the 5 months (August – December) of 1914. By then few of the Old Contemptibles were left, so 1915 – 1919 forms the remaining section.

A Soldier of the Cheshire Regt. – ‘Known Unto God’

Each of the sub-sections below will link to the month or period when brave men of the Regiment gave their lives for King and Country – in date order.

From there you will be able to go on to a personal page for each man, giving details of their home and military lives before they fell in battle: