La Ferte-sous-Jouarre

Officers, N.C.O.s & Men of the 1st Battalion, Commemorated on the La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Memorial

This memorial commemorates 1 Officer and 45 NCOs and men from the Cheshire Regiment, all of whom were killed in August and September 1914 and originally buried on the battlefields.

As the War progress over the same ground the identities of those buried were lost and their graves are now “Known Unto God“.

The La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Memorial commemorates 3838 officers and men of the British Expeditionary Force who died in August, September and the early part of October 1914 and who have no known grave.  Names are listed on the memorial by Regiments in order of precedence, under the title of each Regiment by rank, and under each rank alphabetically.

40 of the 1st Battalion commemorated here fell at Audregnies on 24th August 1914. This includes Lieutenant Kingdon Tregosse FROST whose body was subsequently identified as being buried at Wiheries Coounal Cemetery. Of the remaining 5, one fell at Le Cateau and four on the Aisne.

As the photo shows, unfortunately, that the Cheshire Regiment names were badly weathered at the time of the last visit.

Audregnies Communal Cemetery contains the bodies of 14 soldiers of the 1st Battalion who were killed in action on 24th August 1914 and have no known grave.

Without doubt they are some of the 39 who are commemorated on the Memorial to the Missing at La Ferte-sous-Jouarre who fell on that day.

about  La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Memorial.

Each of the men of the 1st Battalion commemorated on the Memorial by searching the alphabetical lists below:

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Soldiers “Known Unto God”

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La Ferte-sous-Jouarre Memorial
Lieutenant Kingdon Tregosse FROST
'A' Company:
Pt. 9879 Francis James. HEFFERANPt. 7451 Joseph JONES (A.R.)Pt. 7049 William MASSEY
'B' Company:
Pt. 6879 Joseph ARNOTT (A.R.)Pt. 9060 William BYRNEPt. 10266 Samuel BURKHILL
Pt. 7511 Edward GOOCH (A.R.)L/Cpl. 10271 Albert HOLTPt. 7833 William JONES
Pt. 7225 William
Pt. 7034 James McDERMOTT (A.R)Pt. 7805 George T. MORRIS (A.R.)
Pt. 10083 Henry NOLAN (A.R.)Pt. 6986 Thomas PEARSON (A.R.)Pt 9991 William James SMITH
Pt. 8720 James UNSWORTHPt 7768 Albert S. WALKER (A.R.)Pt. 7462 Jeremiah WILKINSON (A.R.)
'C' Company:
Pt. 6771 William BULLOCK (A.R.)Pt. 8069 Gerald COPPOCK (A.R.)Pt. 9156 Edward EATON
Pt. 7879 Arthur FROST (A.R.)Pt. 9507 John HAGGERTYCpl. 6932 Thomas
L/Cpl. 4829 Edward HUGHESPt. 7926 Charles Alfred KING (A.R.)Pt. 6360 Arthur Wm. Joseph WALDEN
'D' Company:
Pt. 7091 James BARNES (A.R.)Pt. 7700 Alfred BELSHAW (A.R.)Pt. 10088 John BYRNE
Pt. 8540 Sidney DALE (A.R.)Pt. 7831 James DIXON (A.R.)Pt. 8036 John FEENEY (A.R.)
Pt. 7597 Jacob GRIFFITHS (A.R.)Pt. 7579 George Wm. HOLBROOK (A.R.)Pt. 7308 Harry HOUGHTON (A.R.)
Pt. 10089 William Henry HULLPt. 7769 William McCANN (A.R.)Cpl. 9993 James W
Sgt. 8891 Walter TAYLORPt 7835 Sam
L.Cpl. 8097 John
Pt. 7257 Samuel WHITTAKER (A.R.)Pt 10135 George
Pt. 10169 James Albert WILLIAMSON

Their name liveth for evermore