Le Touret

Officers, N.C.O.s & Men of the 1st Battalion, Commemorated on the Le Touret Memorial

The Le Touret Memorial commemorates 13,479 British soldiers who fell in the fighting from October 1914 until 24th September 1915 and who have no known grave. 

Names are listed on the memorial by Regiments, under the title of each Regiment by rank, and under each rank alphabetically (below).

This Memorial commemorates 85 Officers and men from the Cheshire Regiment, all of whom were killed in October 1914, principally during the Battalion’s action around Festubert and La Bassée.

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On October 13th and 14th 1914 the remnants of the original 1st Battalion attempted to take Festubert and the names of 13 of those killed appear on the Memorial. 55 NCOs and men were reported missing, presumed captured.

Between the 17th and 20th the Battalion attacked La Bassée, (14 names) and tried again on 21st/22nd. 53 of the Memorial names represent those killed at Violaines on the 22nd alone.

The little village of Violaines occupies an important place in the history of the 1st Battalion”          (‘Ever Glorious’ – Bernard Rigby)

Most were killed trying to take the La Bassée Canal. On the 22nd they were surprised by a snap German attack and later in the day the whole Battalion now found that there were no troops on either flank and was forced to further withdraw to avoid being cut off.

Over 220 men became casualties – dead, wounded or captured.

The photo above shows the Canal in more peaceful times (Author 2013)

The Battalion, wrote Crookenden had got nearer to La Bassée than any British or Allied troops were to go for four years.’

It was during this action that Grandad [Pt. 7632 Ernest John Conway] received the wounds that ended his Service with the 1st Battalion.

  ….. photos of the Canal as it looked in 1914

However, of the 85 men commemorated on the Le Touret Memorial, 24 were of the Original 1st Battalion who sailed for France on 14th August 1914, the others had arrived later as reinforcements.

…. each of the men of the original 1st Battalion commemorated on the Memorial by searching the alphabetical lists below:

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1st Battalion
Cpl. 9057 Thomas Frederick ARCHER (A.R.) Pt. 7064 William George BARTLETT (A.R.)
Pte. 9424 Josiah BURGESSL/Cpl. 9393 James CHADWICK Pte. 7388 Richard CHANTLER (A.R.)
Pte. 8539 James DUNN (A.R.)Pte. 10049 Alfred Harold EARPL/Cpl. 8172 Alex EVANS (A.R.)
Pte. 7052 Frank William FARRANT (A.R.)Pte. 8380 John FIRTH (A.R.)Cpl. 9690 Thomas GOODWIN
Pt. 7290 James HOLDER (A.R.) Pte. 10000 Clarence JOWITTPte. 6508 Edward LOWE
Pte. 8587 Henry McRETHCpl. 7435 Fred NEWHOUSE (A.R.) Cpl. 7699 Francis Charles NORMAN
Cpl. 10131 Richard OVER Pte. 9322 Cuthbert Duke PANNELLPte. 9791 George PLIMMER
Pte. 7001 John THOMSON (A.R.)Sgt. 8921 Jack TURLANDPte. 7227 Francis WARREN (A.R.)

Soldiers “Known Unto God”

Of the 85 men commemorated on the Le Touret Memorial, the remaining 61 had arrived later in the year as reinforcements, such as the contingent with Lt Hartford,  and 90 other ranks who joined the 1st Battalion on 5th September at 4.00 p.m.

For now you can look at the CWGC records for these men by clicking the links below. It is hoped that a fuller account of each man’s service and personal details will appear in due course.

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Le Touret Memorial to the Missing
Capt. James Arthur GREENHALGHCapt. Hugh Irving St John HARTFORD
Sgt. 8145 James SCRAGGSgt. 9811 George Henry
Cpl. 9428 Samuel DEAKINCpl. 6915 William McVEETYCpl. 7570 Joseph WALKLETT
L/Cpl. 9519 Dennis SULLIVANPt. 9010 George BALLAGHER
Pt. 6778 James BARNETTPt. 8604 William BOWERSPt. 8202 Luke BRADLEY
Pt. 6356 Ernest BROWNPt. 6469 George William BROWNEPt. 7402 David BROWNHILL
Pt. 8977 William BURNSPt. 8406 Albert Edward CARTLIDGEPt. 6227 Walter CLARKE
Pt. 8217 James Henry COOPERPt. 6816 George DAWSONPt. 6150 Roger DEVANEY
Pt. 6203 Samuel DODGSONPt. 8534 George DUNNINGPt. 7410 William ELLIS
Pt. 6079 Francis FAGANPt. 5783 John FLANAGANPt. 6288 William GREEN
Pt. 6690 Charles Cash HARRISONPt. 7491 James HENSHALLPt. 7982 Herbert HEWITT
Pt. 10158 Arthur HILLPt. 8749 William HILLPt. 9054 William HOLMES
Pt. 6759 Edward HUGHESPt. 10552 Frank HUGHESPt. 10541 Frank Arnold JACKSON
Pt. 9242 John Edward JEPSONPt. 7279 Herbert JONESPt. 7344 Alfred LEONARD
Pt. 7553 James LLOYDPt. 8847 Albert William LOCKEPt. 5771 Robert McDONALD
Pt. 8284 Fred MARROWPt. 8175 Arthur MELLORPt. 8658 Charles Albert MOSS
Pt. 6014 John William MOTTPt. 5943 Hugh MUNROPt. 6306 Harry OGDEN
Pt. 6497 Harry POOLEPt. 9711 James POSTLETHWAITEPt. 8771 John Watkin PRICE
Pt. 8295 Ernest RICHARDSONPt. 7483 Isaac ROBERTSPt. 9259 Joseph ROBINSON
Pt. 9325 John William ROGERSPt. 10310 Thomas SHERWINPt. 8833 William SMITH
Pt. 9160 Joseph SWANNPt. 8542 George SWINSONPt. 10164 Jonathan TUFF
Pt. 6976 George Joseph WILLIAMSPt. 6800 Harry WINTERBOTHAM

Their name liveth for evermore